Approved Course Proposals (Variable Topic Courses)
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Updated 9/2012 by M. Mitchell

ENGL 4/5106 Genre
Epic (Pearson) Brit I
Satire (Miller) Brit I
Non-Fiction Prose (Erben)

ENGL 4/5109 Film As Literature
Film and the Novel: A Study in Adaptation
African-American Cinema
Adapting the Victorians
It’s Alive: Frankenstein on Film
Early America at the Movies
Canadas on Film (Doyle)
Just Another Day on Earth: Angels and Chaos Monsters in Literature and Film (Snaith)
Film Adaptations of African American Literary Texts
Just Whistlin' Dixie?: The Celluloid South (Insenga)
Brains, Athletes, Basket Cases, Princesses, and Criminals: Kids on Film (Insenga)

ENGL 4/5170 African-American Literature
Twentieth-Century African American Novel (Boyd) Am2
Early African American Literature (Boyd) Am1
The Harlem Renaissance (Am2)

ENGL 4/5180 Studies in Regional Literature
Southern Literature (Hendricks) Am. Lit. II
Antebellum Southern Literature (Newton) Am. Lit. I
Modern Irish Literature: Encountering the Landscapes of Identity (Doyle) Brit. Lit. II
Literature of the West  Am. Lit II
Bayeux Tapestry and the Making of the Anglo-Norman World (M. Crafton) Brit. Lit. I
Southern Women Writers (Harrison)

ENGL 4/5185 Studies in Literature by Women
Sentiment and Subversion in American Fiction (MacComb)
The Sign of Angellica: The Body (Politic) in British Literature by Women (L. Crafton)
Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives: Life Writing by Women (Hipchen) Genre
British Women Novelists (Mitchell)
Feminist Experiments (Harrison)
Reading Black, Reading Feminist: Black Women Writers

ENGL 4/5188 Individual Authors
Geoffrey Chaucer Brit. Lit I
Christopher Marlowe (Pearson) Brit1
William Shakespeare Brit I
Shakespeare For Teachers (Pearson) Brit. Lit I
John Milton Brit. Lit I
William Blake  Brit. Lit. II
Jane Austen Brit. Lit. II
Thomas Hardy Brit. Lit. II
Brontes (Mitchell)
George Eliot (Mitchell) Brit. Lit. II
Virginia Woolf (Mitchell) Brit. Lit. II
Benjamin Franklin (Erben) Am. Lit. I
William Faulkner Am. Lit. II
Edgar Allan Poe ( Newton) Am. Lit. I
Langston Hughes (Boyd) Am. Lit. II
Ralph Ellison (Boyd) AmII
Sylvia Plath (Davidson) Am. Lit. II
Toni Morrison (Masters) Am2
Tennessee Williams
Daniel Defoe
Aphra Behn
Hunter S. Thompson, King of Gonzo (Hipchen)
Mark Twain (MacComb)
Edith Wharton
Eudora Welty (Harrison)
Margaret Atwood (Harrison)

ENGL 4/5300 Studies in the English Language
History of the English Language
English Grammar

ENGL 4/5310 Studies in Literary Theory
Literary Theory
Postmodern Poetics (Davidson)

ENGL 4384 Senior Seminar
(Re)Constructing the American Literary Canon ( Newton)
Why So Serious? Trickster Figures in Literature and Film (L. Crafton)
Regionalist Perspectives in Literature (Hendricks)
The Invention of Nature: Environment and Literature (Davidson)
This is the Way the World Ends: Apocalypse in Literature and Film (Masters)
Ritual Realities  (Doyle)
Bodies and Boundaries: Reading the Body/Challenging Culture (Umminger)
Marriage and the Form of Fiction (MacComb)
Cross-Dressing Media: Literature into Film and Film into New Media (M. Crafton)
Sacred Sex: Religion and Eroticism in Literature and Culture
Humans and Animals (Miller)
Into the Wild: Ecocriticism (L. Crafton)
Fakes, Cons and Double-Talkers: Performativity and Literary Deception (Doyle)
Engendering Men: Constructions of American Masculinity in Literature and Popular Culture
"And Savoury it Was to My Taste": The American Captivity Narrative as Usable Past (Harrison)
Hazardous Materials: Toxicity, Pollution, Contamination, and Waste (Davidson)

ENGL 4/5385 Special Topics
A World Made of Words: Studies in Native American Literature ( Newton) Am. Lit. II
Gothic America (MacComb)
The Un-virtuous Republic: Tropes of Transgression in the Early American Novel (Erben) Am. Lit. I
Adoption in Literature and Culture (Hipchen)
Faulker and McCullers: The American South in Transition (Umminger) Am. Lit. II
Modern Humor (Umminger) Genre
Theater of the Absurd and Beyond: Lost on Stage (Doyle) Genre
Shakespeare on Film (Pearson) Brit I
English Witch Plays (Pearson) Brit I
Literature and Culture of the Restoration
Sensation and the Supernatural in British Fiction
The American Captivity Narrative: Victims, Victors, & Vanquishers (Harrison) 
Hazardous Materials: Toxicity, Pollution, Contamination, and Waste (Davidson) Am2 [Honors]
Black Speculative Fiction (Boyd) Am2
History of Ephemera (Miller) Brit1
Bodies of Horror: Gothic Literature and Film (L Crafton) Brit2
Professing Teacherhood: Reading the Culture of Reading Teachers (Insenga)
Postcolonial Encounters (Doyle) Brit2
Dirty Words: The Literature of Toxicity, Disease, and Global Filth (Davidson) Am. Lit. II