2-, 3-, and 5-Year Plans for Faculty Members
Department of English and Philosophy
University of West Georgia

A 2-, 3-, or 5-year plan is a statement of goals to be completed during that phase of his/her career, which is offered as part of a project of review that helps faculty articulate how they are balancing the demands of teaching, service, and scholarship/creative activity in various and different moments of their career: for first-year faculty, at third-year review, at time of tenure/promotion to associate and full professor, and at post-tenure review. These goal-oriented plans will be adopted as part of the written annual evaluation process beginning in Spring 2003.

For new first-year faculty, a 3-year plan with the clear end of meeting third-year review expectations (which include teaching, scholarship, and service)

At the point of third-year review, a 2-3 year plan with the clear end of meeting expectations for tenure and promotion to associate professor and addressing any weaknesses outlined by the Faculty Status committee in the third-year review

At the point of tenure/promotion to associate, a 5-year plan with the clear end of meeting expectations for promotion to full professor or post-tenure review (whichever the faculty member is ready to pursue)

After the promotion to full professor or the first post-tenure review, a series of 3-year plans which may include extensive, more time-consuming projects than were feasible in the earlier phases of one's career, completion or consummation of earlier projects, other professional goals (Fulbrights, etc.)