Term Ending

John Blair Foreign Languages & Literatures 2017
Brad Darvas Theatre 2017
Tim Schroer History 2017
Dawn Neely Music 2016  
Margaret Mitchell English & Philosophy 2017
Mark Schoon Art 2016  


The Faculty Advisory Committee's responsibilities include:

  1. Maintaining communication among the faculty of each department and the Dean and between the faculties of the several departments; however, no provision of these Guiding Principles and Procedures is intended to preclude direct communication between an individual faculty member and the Dean;
  2. Making recommendations in support of the COAH's commitment to affirming the equal dignity of each person by valuing cultural, ethnic, racial, and gender diversity in students, faculty, and staff, thereby promoting practices that embody the ideals of an open democratic society;
  3. Exercising the authority and responsibility to investigate such matters as it deems advisable, or such matters that the COAH Faculty presents by petition of least 10% of its members, provided that petitioners follow University or Board policy where it specifically addresses the matters under investigation (i.e., discrimination, accommodation, etc.); 
  4. Nominating and preparing a slate of candidates for the positions of COAH Secretary, Parliamentarian, and all elected standing committees, and presenting them for Faculty vote; additional nominations may be made by petition of 10% of the Faculty;
  5. Supporting efforts to improve teaching conditions throughout the College in order to assure optimum faculty performance and morale;
  6. Evaluating the Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities