Committee Members:
 Representative  Department
 Kevin Shunn  Art
 Patrick Erben  English
 Jeff Zamostny
 Foreign Languages & Literatures
 Nadya Williams  History
 Rosemary Kellison  Philosophy
 Dawn McCord  Music
 Pauline Gagnon  Dean, ex officio member

Melissa Sullivan




 GSA, ex officio member

Spring 2016 Meeting Dates:


Wednesday, January 27th, 8:30 am


Wednesday, March 23rd, 8:30 am


COAH Conference Room



Proposal for New Standing Subcommittee of the Executive Committee:  Graduate Studies Subcommittee
2.  COAH Committee on Graduate Studies
a. Composition of the committee shall consist of all COAH Directors of Graduate Programs plus one representative appointed or elected from each additional department and Philosophy.  Each representative will have graduate faculty status within the COAH. 
The Dean of the College and the Graduate Studies Associate shall serve as ex officio members
The Chair shall be elected by the committee from among its members.
b. RoleThe COAH sub-committee for Graduate Studies shall work with the Dean,department chairs, the COAH Graduate Studies Associate, and faculty to recommend college-wide policies and procedures in the interest of graduate study.
c. Duties of the Graduate Studies Committee:i. meet at least twice per semester;
ii. effect communication and collaboration among COAH graduate programsd.
d. Term of Service: Graduate Studies sub-committee members shall serve for two years.


Committee Documents