groupIn today’s rapidly changing world and workforce, History graduates are in an excellent competitive position. 

You are trained to think critically, evaluate often conflicting and ambiguous sources of information, write clearly, and summarize and analyze effectively.  While learning about the complex world around you and how we got where we are now, you will learn skills transferable to a wide variety of career opportunities. 

Besides, the study of History is also immensely entertaining and rewarding in itself!  Graduates with History degrees often study it because they love it.  They may not work in a field directly related to History, but they have successful careers in many other fields like business, banking, law, archive management, museum work, foreign service, as well as teaching, just to name just a few of the hundreds of jobs available for History graduates.  Our mission is to teach students about the past and about the discipline of history as an integral part of a complete liberal arts education for citizens in our complex, culturally diverse, and increasingly global society.

Our Philosophy

Nothing prepares students for the future like a glimpse back into the past, which makes the Department of History the perfect place to hone your skills in research, critical thinking and writing.

With such a solid liberal arts background, History majors are prepared for careers in law, business, banking, politics, journalism, teaching and government, not to mention research and teaching in specialized fields such as museum studies, women's issues and the development of the world's diverse societies and cultures, both ancient and modern.

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