Undergraduate Major: B.A. Degree

Students who earn the Bachelor of Arts degree in history will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate content knowledge of history
  2. Analyze primary and secondary sources for their historical content and interpretations
  3. Demonstrate ability to research according to historical methods
  4. Demonstrate writing skills that reflect persuasive historical arguments based on evidence and proper citation

The Department of History believes that these learning outcomes will contribute to a student’s ability to:

  • think historically, which includes: understanding the people of the past; understanding the perspectives
  • of historical actors and to view those historical actors from a critical, scholarly perspective; recognizing
  • that people, events, ideas, and cultures have influenced later people events, ideas, and cultures;
  • recognizing that history involves both change and continuity over time; and explaining connections
  • between particular people, events, ideas, or texts and their historical contexts.

Graduate Program: Master’s Degree

Students who earn the Master of Arts Degree in History will:

  1. demonstrate the ability to undertake advanced historical research;
  2. show basic familiarity with historical literature in major and minor fields of study;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of historiography and its permutations over time;
  4. be able to identify and describe career options in the field of history;
  5. demonstrate a knowledge of the theory and ethics of public history [for Public History concentration];
  6. demonstrate knowledge of the standards and practices for at least two fields in public history [for Public History concentration];
  7. apply practical skills in at least two fields of public history [for Public History concentration].