Private lessons are required for all music majors (Principal Applied), and are available to non-music majors (Non-Music-Major Applied) who are concurrently enrolled in an approved departmental ensemble. Private lessons are also available to music-major students who wish to study a second instrument (Secondary Applied). Lessons are offered as one-hour sessions weekly, for one or two semester-hours credit. An Applied Music Fee is charged to all students enrolling in applied music.

Applied music study is aimed at providing the necessary training for musicians to develop their performing skills to the highest level possible. Through these studies students have the opportunity to concentrate on developing these skills in a challenging yet supportive environment. Regardless of the major area of study, an applied record is maintained for each student to document progress in his/her private lessons, ensemble experiences, and solo performances.

All music majors must register for Principal Applied (the principal performing instrument or voice) as part of their degree-program requirements. All students registering for applied lessons are expected to audition before the faculty for initial placement. Requests from students for placement in applied music are honored to the extent possible considering the instructor's teaching load. Applied lessons are held in the studios of the individual instructors. Since some of our applied instructors are part-time faculty, please direct any questions in their absence to the Department Chair.

Each semester, students must schedule the weekly applied lesson around both the student's and the teacher's schedules. Lesson times are arranged on an individual basis with the instructor. Important: students who have not arranged a lesson time by the sixth day of classes (including the add/drop period) will be dropped from the applied music course.

Additional studio classes may be required as part of the applied music course. They are scheduled at an hour convenient to all students of the same instructor. Likewise, the following materials are usually required for applied study: (1) Metronome with both audible and visible indicators; (2) Tuner with meter and tone generator (for instrumentalists); (3) Printed music materials as required by the instructor; and (4) Instrument and accessory items as required by the instructor.