A comprehensive final examination is administered during the final semester of study to all candidates seeking a Master of Music degree.  The examination is conducted orally and is designed to help determine the student's ability to synthesize a broad body of knowledge gained through graduate study.  Students may be asked questions of a practical, theoretical, or historical nature as well as specific and general questions relating to the plan of study.

One semester prior to the examination, the student must request examination questions from each member of his or her faculty committee.  In addition, the student must coordinate the scheduling of the oral examination with the members of the committee.

In preparation for the oral examination, candidates for the Master of Music in Music Education must prepare a written report based on questions from the faculty committee.  Each committee member will submit one question for the candidate.  Each candidate response should be between 1000-1500 words in length (exclusive of references.)  At least one response must directly address research processes and findings from a primary area of interest in music education.  The candidate must present copies of this written report to each member of the faculty committee at least one week prior to the scheduled oral examination.  Candidates should be prepared to elaborate on the written report as part of the oral examination process.  The oral exam will be conducted on the UWG campus or via video-conferencing as approved by the committee.

Selections performed on the graduate recital by candidates for the Master of Music in Performance serve as the basis for answering general and specific questions at the final comprehensive oral examination.  Candidates should be prepared to demonstrate extensive knowledge - historical, theoretical, stylistic, and pedagogical - of all works and styles performed on the graduate recital.  Students are required to provide scores and, per committee request, may be required to submit analyses prior to their comprehensive final oral examination.  The oral exam will be conducted on the UWG campus.