The Performance major will be expected to perform a half recital during the Junior year and a full recital during the Senior year. The Senior Recital must be completed by the sixtieth class day of the last semester of study. The Junior Recital must consist of 20-30 minutes of music. The Senior Recital must consist of 40-60 minutes of music. Music Education majors perform either a public recital of 20-40 minutes, or a 15-minute (minimum) program for hearing by the music faculty prior to the semester of student teaching. Specific degree-program requirements regarding recitals are listed below under the heading Music Degree and Course Requirements Unique to Each Major. Information regarding Composition Recitals is listed below under the heading Bachelor of Music: Major in Composition.

Prior to the presentation of a degree recital, the proposed student degree recital must be presented for approval to a committee of three faculty. The hearing will consist of the entire program, and will include the same personnel as the proposed recital. All accompanied pieces and ensemble pieces must be performed with the accompaniment or complete ensemble. The committee will consist of the student's applied teacher, a teacher of the same or a closely allied instrument, and a teacher from a different applied area. Approval requires that a majority of the committee concur that the recital is ready for performance at the time of the hearing.

Degree-recital hearings must occur at least three calendar weeks prior to the proposed recital date. Recitals that are not approved may be heard again during the next semester of study.

Following a successful Recital Hearing, the Recital Hearing Approval Form signed by all members of the faculty committee will serve as the Cashen Hall reservation form and program copy. This form can be obtained from the department office.