About Patron’s Program

COAH is not only preparing our students for careers both in and out of their chosen disciplines, we are also working to advance humanities and arts initiatives across west Georgia. Recognizing the deep capacity of our programs to call to action, to inspire, to entertain, and to provoke, COAH is providing the region with a shared space of creative energy. The COAH Patron’s Program is your opportunity to join us. By becoming a SOTA Patron, you drive COAH’s capacity to build a vibrant, creative community by supporting critical college-wide investments in:

  • Study abroad experiences
  • Visiting artist programs
  • Community-focused workshops and salon nights
  • The award-winning Eclectic art and literary magazine
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Professional development for graduate students and faculty 

Contact the SOTA Director, Chad Davidson, at davidson@westga.edu or 678-839-4865, to find out how you can become a Patron of The School of the Arts!