Mary Beth Meehan is a New England-based photographer, writer, and educator who is committed to meaningful, in-depth coverage of her own communities. Her work has appeared in The New York TimesThe Washington Post, and The Boston Globe. She has exhibited her photographs nationally and internationally, and has lectured nationwide on the subject of long-term, community-based documentary projects. She was also nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize.

The current installations in Carrollton and Newnan feature massive, wall-sized photographic portraits of everyday folks, whom Mary Beth meets while embedded in the particular community (in this case, that of Newnan, Georgia). The project--sponsored by SOTA--is funded by The Hollis Charitable Trust in Newnan.

Two portraits were installed on UWG's Newnan Center this month, with three more coming to the main UWG campus later this fall. The remainder--around a dozen--will appear on walls around downtown Newnan over the next six months. Take a drive to Newnan to see them now, and look out for a few on the Carrollton campus.