Last name, Author’s first name Abbreviated. (Year of Publication). Title with only first letter capitalized: Capitalize first letter after a colon though. Publisher. DOI or URL if an ebook

  • Parenthetical Citation: (Last name, Year)
  • Narrative Citation: Last man (Year)...


Book with One Author

Twenge, J. M. (2006). Generation me: Why today’s young Americans are more confident, assertive, entitled—and more miserable—than ever before. Free Press.

  • Parenthetical Citation: (Twenge, 2006)
  • Narrative Citation: Twenge (2006)...

Book with Two or More Authors

Astin, A. W., Vogelgesang, L. J., Ikeda, E. K., & Yee, J.A. (2000). How service learning affects students. Higher Education Research Institute.

Government or Organization as Author

Australian Government Productivity Commission & New Zealand Productivity Commission. (2012). Strengthening trans-Tasman economic relations. https://www.


Two or More Works by the Same Author

Eller, C. (2003). Am I a woman? A skeptic’s guide to gender. Beacon Press.

Eller, C. (2011). Gentlemen and amazons: The myth of matriarchal prehistory, 1861-1900. University of California Press.

Book with Editor(s)

Ferrari, J., & Chapman, J. G. (Eds.). (1999). Educating students to make a difference: Community-based service learning. Haworth Press.

Selection in an Edited Book or Anthology

Primavera, J. (1999). The unintended consequences of volunteerism: Positive outcomes for those who serve. In Ferrari, J., & Chapman, J. G. (Eds.),

Educating students to make a difference: Community-based service learning (pp. 125-140). Haworth Press.