Below are writing resources specifically crafted for graduate students:

Writing Graduate-Level Essays

Essay Resources

  • The Writing Process: This comprehensive guide is a walk-through of the entirety of the writing process. Each step contains multiple resources to help different types of learners understand how to navigate the college essay.
  • Subject-Specific Resources: Student Success has compiled a page with content and writing resources tailored to all of the majors. By clicking on the corresponding major, students will also be able to identify an approximation of how much writing could be required as well as the types of writing assignments in any class.
  • Specific Writing Related Resources
    • Painless Paragraphs (pdf) from Tanner Health System School of Nursing.
    • Analyzing Texts and Structuring Papers: Curated resources (and a repository of our handouts) on textual analysis, semiotics and Analyze Anything, outlines, paper structure, and word choice. Most of the resources listed are from Grammar Girl and Ted-Ed videos.
    • Citation Resources: This page includes information about MLA, APA, Chicago as well as a few other citation styles utilized across campus.

Research Resources

  • Research: We have a resource to help you navigate the research process. This page includes brainstorming an idea, searching for sources, creating an argument, crafting the assignment, and revising the final draft in addition to a curated list of resources provided by the library as well as video essay examples.
  • Sources
  • Annotated Bibliography

Additional Resources

  • Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research.

Literature Review

Queensland University of Technology defines a literature review as "a critical analysis of published sources, or literature, on a particular topic. It is an assessment of the literature and provides a summary, classification, comparison and evaluation."

Discussion Posts

Oral Exit Exam

Dissertation and Thesis

Additional Resources