MLA, the Eighth Edition

The Eighth edition of MLA has changed some of the formatting of the Works Cited page. The order in which information is listed is as follows:

Author. Title of Source. Title of Container, Other Contributors, Version, Number, Publisher, Publication date, Location.

The detailed definition of the categories can be found here.

The template a web site is as follows:

Last name, first of author. "Web Page Title." Title of the Web site, Name of Institution/Organization/Publisher

Affiliated with the Site, Date of Creation, URL, DOI or permalink. Date of Access.

Below are a few examples of the information required for the MLA reference page citations:

Web site:

Hollmichel, Stefanie. So Many Books. 2003-13,

Article on a web site:

Hollmichel, Stefanie. “The Reading Brain: Differences between Digital and

Print.” So Many Books, 25 Apr. 2013,



Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Unaired Pilot 1996.” Youtube, uploaded by Brian

 Stowe, 28 Jan. 2012,

Online Television Show:

“Under the Gun.” Pretty Little Liars, season 4, episode 6, ABC Family, 16 July 2013. Hulu, Accessed 23 July 2013.


@persiankiwi. “We have report of large street battles in east & west of Tehran

now – #Iranelection.” Twitter, 23 June 2009, 11:15 a.m.,


Article in an Online-only Scholarly Journal:

Dolby, Nadine. “Research in Youth Culture and Policy: Current Conditions and Future Directions.” 

Social Work and Society: The International Online-Only Journal, vol. 6, no. 2, 2008, Accessed 20 May 2009.

Article in an Online Scholarly Journal That Also Appears in Print:

Wheelis, Mark. "Investigating Disease Outbreaks Under a Protocol to the Biological and

Toxin Weapons Convention." Emerging Infectious Diseases, vol. 6, no. 6, 2000, pp. 595-600, Accessed 8 Feb. 2009.