The information provided on this page by the Writing Center is free for students and faculty (as well as the community at large) to utilize.

Resources for Composition Writing

  • The Writing Process: This comprehensive guide is a walk-through of the entirety of the writing process. Each step contains multiple resources to help different types of learners understand how to navigate the college essay.
  • Research: We have a resource to help you navigate the research process. This page includes brainstorming an idea, searching for sources, creating an argument, crafting the assignment, and revising the final draft in addition to a curated list of resources provided by the library as well as video essay examples.
  • We also have an external site called Scholarly Quest where students can find the above information on writing and research as well as resources tailored to individual majors and much more!

Curated Information

  • Analyzing Texts and Structuring Papers: Curated resources (and a repository of our handouts) on textual analysis, semiotics and Analyze Anything, outlines, paper structure, and word choice. Most of the resources listed are from Grammar Girl and Ted-Ed videos.
  • Citation Resources: This page includes information about MLA, APA, Chicago as well as a few other citation styles utilized across campus.
  • ESOL/ESL Resources: This page contains writing, grammar, vocabulary, language, and audio resources. These are compiled for, but not restricted to, exclusively, ESL students. The larger student population can also take advantage of these resources as they may help different types of learners.
  • Grammar Resources: This page includes curated resources (and a repository of our handouts) for verbs, punctuation, word choice, and a few additional grammatical aids. Most of the resources listed are from Grammar Girl and Ted-Ed videos.
  • Proofreading and Editing also includes some resources on peer-editing and copy-editing

Resources for Creative (Non-composition) Writing

  • Creative Writing: We have curated a list of resources for writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and screenplays. Each list contains a further reading list gleaned from the creative writing professors at UWG.
  • Literary Terms and Devices: We have compiled glossaries of terms as well as resources for understanding irony, fallacies, metaphor, tropes, and literary expressions.
  • Linguistic History: We have few resources about the history of English, spelling, and literature in the event anyone is interested in a more global understanding of writing.
  • For more information, check out the Creative Writing Minor page.

Resources for Film Writing

  • Glossary of Film Terms: A full glossary of terms from Film Art: An Introduction, Tenth Edition by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson.
  • Film Resources: We have a curated list of Youtube video examples of scene analysis, essay resources, research resources, and general film resources (e.g., film terminology).
  • For more information, check out the Minor in Film Studies page.

Resources for Publishing

  • Publication Information: We have begun compiling some resources that can help with maneuvering through the difficult field of publishing commercially and academically.

Course-Specific Writing Resources

  • Subject-Specific Resources: Student Success has compiled a page with content and writing resources tailored to all of the majors. By clicking on the corresponding major, students will also be able to identify an approximation of how much writing could be required as well as the types of writing assignments in any class.

Graduate-Level Writing Resources

  • Writing Resources: We have resources to help with essay writing, literature reviews, discussion posts, oral exit exam preparation, and thesis/dissertation aids.

Additional Resources

  • Business and Application Writing: A compiled list of resources for writing a personal statement, a letter of recommendation, or a statement of purpose as well as some professional and technical writing aids.
  • Public Presentations: Curated resources on writing speeches, preparing for a presentation, and preparing for a job interview
  • Plagiarism: This page contains a definition of plagiarism and some resources on how to identify it and avoid it.
  • Test Preparation for Written Exams: We have information for TEAS exams as well as how to prepare for an essay test.
  • Formatting Resources for Microsoft Office and Google (including citation documents)