The overall charge for this committee is to recommend COSM-wide policies to COSM faculty for approval and codified into the COSM By-Laws, subject to Article I of the Policies and Procedures of UWG. Matters for consideration can be proposed by any COSM faculty and the committee will decide on the course of action.

  • One tenured faculty per department, selected by departments.
  • Two department chairs (ex officio, non-voting), chosen by Chairs’ Council.
  • Dean (ex officio, non-voting).
  • Associate Dean (ex officio, non-voting).
  • The voting members will select the committee chair from the tenured faculty.
2017-18 members:
  • Biology-Henry Zot
  • Chemistry-Vicki Geisler
  • Computer Science-Duane Yoder
  • Geosciences-Andy Walter
  • Mathematics-Scott Gordon
  • Physics-Javier Hasbun

Chairs:  Jim Mayer and Adel Abunawass

Ex-officio: Dean Lok C. Lew Yan Voon, Associate Dean Gregory Payne