Degree Program and Director

Degree Program: BS in Biology
Degree Program Director: Henry Zot
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Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Biology at the University of West Georgia is to provide opportunities for professional and personal development to students, faculty, staff, and the broader university community through excellence in teaching, research, and service.

* Teaching: The Department of Biology is committed to provide and maintain a rigorous curriculum which facilitates an understanding of the major principles and concepts in the biological sciences, promotes critical-thinking and communication skills, and fosters a continuous interest in learning.

* Research: The Department of Biology is committed to provide and maintain student-oriented research opportunities which will facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of biology and the scientific process, enhance the quality of instruction, promote professional development, and further the state-of-knowledge in the biological sciences.

* Service: The Department of Biology is committed to provide and maintain a broad range of services to promote the effective development and utilization of human and natural resources.

The ultimate goal of this mission is to promote the growth and development of skilled professionals, effective teachers, competent scientists, and informed citizens to enhance the quality of life within the University of West Georgia’s scope of influence.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. To develop a strong and diversified background in modern biology, a student will demonstrate proficiency with the fundamentals in three key areas within the discipline of biology: cell and molecular biology, organismal biology, and ecology and evolution.
2. To develop critical-thinking and problem-based learning skills, a student will demonstrate the ability to evaluate scientific investigations and to assess, interpret, and understand data and it meaning. 
3. To develop the ability to communicate scientific ideas in both written and oral formats, a student will demonstrate the ability to research and organize scientific idea in written or oral presentations.

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

1.    Majors Field Test in Biology is administered to each graduating student.  Results are compared with national test results.
2.   A student’s ability is determined from reports of research projects with faculty, lab assignments in upper division lab courses in biology, independent studies of the scientific literature, and internships that address the outcome. 
3.   A student’s ability is determined by presentations in required seminar class and by other evidentiary sources that may include presentations at regional and national scientific meetings, participation in competitions among students engaged in research, and publication of scholarly works. 

Assessments are conducted annually.  The results are reviewed by the faculty of the Biology Department.