• Local
    • 5th Annual Southeast Regional GURC (Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference) 
      On Saturday, November 5, 2016 several of our undergraduate chemistry majors attended the 5th Annual Southeast Regional GURC (Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference) to present their research. Among those attending were Aminah Wilson, Jordan Davoll, and Scott Inthysone along with Dr. Megumi Fujita.

      GURC 01

      GURC 02

      GURC 03

    • 3rd Annual Presidential 5K
      On October 20, 2016 UWG Chemistry Faculty, Staff, and students came together to provide experiments and demos for kids during the 3rd Annual Presidential 5K. Dr. Basu-Dutt, Chair of the Chemistry Department, says, "I am very proud of the active participation of the ACS Club and EHL Club." Pictures are provided by Dr. Fujita.


    • UWG Safe Treat 2016
      ACS Club and EHL Club



    • Roopville Elementary Visits UWGing 1
      On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, Roopville Elementary School visits the Chemistry Department at UWG for some fun and interactive demonstrations.


    • ERN conference in Washington DC. 
      Jordan Davoll and Aminah Wilson at the ERN conference in Washington DC. March 2-4th

      They presented on their research on Indole containing colormetric sensors.
      Washington Conference


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