Home to several former Marshall and Goldwater Scholarships recipients, the Department of Chemistry prides itself on faculty directed undergraduate research projects, allowing students the necessary hands-on experiences that help them successfully compete for industrial positions as well as graduate and professional programs.

Faculty members focus on student success through innovative approaches and interventions in the classroom in introductory as well as advanced courses. The chemistry workshop program has been recognized by the Peer-Led Team Learning International Society as exemplary of the PLTL model.


Dr. John Hansen, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry:
The 2017 Solar Eclipse and the Chemistry behind Viewing the Sun

This was the first total eclipse I experienced, and what an experience! The difference between 95% and 100% coverage by the Moon is beyond words. I was at Kenlake State Park in Kentucky to witness this celestial event. I brought with me several telescopes with CCD (charged coupled device) imagers. These included an 8” Schmidt-Cassegrain to view the Sun in white light, a 40 mm H-alpha telescope to view the Sun with the hydrogen emission at 656.3 nm, and a Ca-K telescope to view the Sun with the Ca (II) emission at 393.4 nm. I also brought with me a 35 mm digital camera. However, the experience of being there is a gestalt that can’t be captured on film.

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