cswowCS WoW is a group of students and faculty at UWG who are interested in Computer Science (CS).  Our mission is to increase the interest in CS among women at UWG; support women who are studying or interested in CS; and to encourage women to participate in CS related activities.

This under-participation in CS by large segments of our society represents a loss of opportunity for individuals, a loss of talent in the workforce, and a loss of creativity in shaping the future of technology.  Not only is it a basic equity issue, but it threatens our global economic viability as a nation.
"Common Ground: A Diverse CS Community Benefits All of Us" by Peter A. Freeman and Jan Cuny

For more information, visit the Facebook page (below) or contact the Faculty Advisor,  Dr. Anja Remshagen


Mailing Address

Department of Computer Science
University of West Georgia
Carrollton, GA 30118