The COSM Faculty Mentor Program has been created to help new tenure-track faculty members reach their full potential in teaching, scholarship, service and professional development. This supplements departmental efforts to mentor new tenure-track faculty. Thus, the college mentors will not address the department-specific tenure requirements.

The college mentors are a select group of tenured COSM faculty, who are advisors with career experience willing to share their knowledge, supporters who provide encouragement, tutors who give performance feedback, sponsors who help open opportunities, and faculty who are role-models. The program is designed to pair each new faculty member with a mentor of their choice. The extent of the relationship that develops between the mentor and mentee depends entirely on the individuals involved. Mentor-mentee relationships can bring great rewards to both partners. For mentors, the act of mentoring provides a great opportunity to be a positive influence in someone’s life, give something back to their professional community, or simply honor their own mentors. Meanwhile, the program serves mentees by providing a way to gain invaluable advice, guidance, and support at critical junctures in their professional careers. This program is sponsored by the office of the Dean of COSM and coordinated by Dr. S. Swamy Mruthinti, Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Research.

This is a voluntary program designed to facilitate the professional development of new tenuretrack faculty and to expedite a smooth transition into the academic community of COSM. It is not required that a new tenure-track faculty member to participate in this program.

Download the COSM Mentor Program Sign-Up PDF