Member  Department   Term 
 Frank Fontanella  Biology  2016-2018
 Partha Ray    Chemistry  2017-2019
 Li Yang  Computer Science       2016-2018
 David Bush  Geosciences  2018-2020
 Christopher Jett  Mathematics  2018-2020
 Javier Hasbun  Physics  2016-2018


Submitting Agenda Items

All course and program additions, deletions, or modifications must be submitted by the Catalog Submission System (CSS), available at the following site: Items submitted via this system and approved by the corresponding department chair by the submission date will automatically be added to the agenda. The manual and help for the system can be accessed via the links at the bottom of the CSS web page.

Fall 2015 Committee Meeting Dates

To be announced

Purpose and Duties

The committee shall examine undergraduate and graduate curriculum changes prior to submission to the Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics and the University Level Curriculum Committees, namely UAPC (Undergraduate Academic Programs Committee) and COGS (Committee on Graduate Studies).

Committee Composition and Selection

Each department in the College shall have one representative on the Curriculum Committee. The Associate Dean for Student, Curricular, and Budgetary Matters will chair the committee.