Freshmen Admission

  • 1050 Combined Critical Reading and Math SAT Score
  • 500 minimum SAT Critical Reading score
  • 550 minimum SAT Math score

Sophomore Admission

  • Completed pre-engineering freshmen requirements
  • 3.00 minimum GPA
  • 3.00 minimum Math/Science GPA


All REPP institutions require you to complete these courses before transferring;

  • English I & II
  • Chemistry I & II - II is not required for many disciplines. You have an option to take Chem II or another lab science course (BIOL or GEOL)
  • Calculus-based Physics I & II
  • Economics
  • Calculus I, II, & III
  • Differential Equations
  • and as much core as possible

There are additional requirements to transfer that vary with each engineering program. See the Engineering Schools page and talk to your advisor for more information about which courses to take.