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  • Workshop I

    Workshop I: Working with App Lab

    1. Open a web browser and go to the URL login page.
    2. Select your team account name.
    3. Enter your secret words.
    4. Navigate to the App Lab development environment.
    Note: All components of your app that will be demonstrated have to be on the team account after code stop.

    The Development Environment

    Project Name

    rename buttonBefore you start working on a project, give your project a meaningful name! Select the Rename button on the left side of the bluish-green menubar at the top of the development environment. Enter a project name and click the Save button.

    Design Mode

    design mode

    In Design mode, you create the screens of your app and place the desired elements, like buttons, labels, or images, on the screens. You can also generate an event for an element.

    Code Mode

    code mode

    In Code mode, you work on the application logic by linking between different screens, for example. You can drag new instructions from the toolbox into the workspace and modify automatically generated code.

    Test your App

    run buttonClick the Run button on the smartphone simulator to test your app.

    Your Project List

    MyProjects buttonClick the My Projects buttons in the top right corner to view all projects on your account. When you see the list of projects, click on a project name to continue working on that project.

    Creating a new App

    create new buttonTo create a new app, open any existing project. Then click the Create New button. App Lab will generate and open a new project. Don't forget to give your new project a meaningful name.

    Sharing Apps

    share buttonSelect the Share button on the top bluish-green menubar. You can copy the displayed URL in a web browser to open your app. Anybody who has access to the URL, can run your app, see the code, and even remix your project.


    remix buttonYou can make copies of a project and "remix" it. Remixing means that you modify a copy of the project. To remix one of your own projects, open the project and then select the Remix button. App Lab will create a copy of the project and open it. You can also remix projects of another person if you have the URL of that project.

    Importing Screens

    import screen optionIf you want to include one or more screens of a different project in a project, go into Design mode and select the Import screen... option. This option will only import the selected screens, but not the code.

  • Workshop II

    Workshop II: App Lab Design Tools

    Radio Buttons

    Example: Radio Button Demo



    Dropdown Menu

    Example: Dropdown Demo

    Number Slider

    Example: Number Slider Demo



    Text Input and Text Area

    Example: Text Input/Area Demo


    Example: Canvas Demo




  • Additional Info

    Hackathon Task Instructions & Judging Sheet

    Carefully read the Hackathon Task Instructions with your team-mates.  These are a comprehensive summary of what you are being asked to do today.

    When preparing for your app demonstration, consider these Guiding Questions. And check out the Judging Sheet that will be used. 

    The Hack FAQ will be used to post clarifications about big questions that arise among teams.  

    Community Resources

    Here is a Folder of Handouts with information people may use to access resources in Carroll County and the region.  For example, there is information about the following:

    • Bremen Food and Clothing Bank
    • Child & Family Therapy Program
    • Manna House Food Pantry
    • Strong4Life School Nutrition Program
    • Breast Cancer Patient and Survivor Support
    • Frequently Requested Phone Numbers
    • Healthcare Resources
    • Rape Crisis Centers
    • Shelters
    • And Much More

    Learning About the Community

    To give you some ideas about the local community, take a look at these resources:

    Social Well-Being Indicators: Carroll County, GA, Dr. Winston Tripp, College of Social Sciences

    Carroll County: Profile of Child, Family, and Community Well-Being, Georgia Family Connection Partnership

    Hackathon Presentation

    This Google Slides presentation contains the information presented throughout the Hackathon. It may be helpful to review these if there is any confusion about what we have said during presentations.