I. Department Organization and Administration

A. Organization

B. Administration

II. Responsibilities and Professional Development

A. Temporary Full- and Part-Time Faculty

  • Guidelines for Hiring and Responsibilities/Opportunities within the Department

B. Lecturers 

Department Criteria for Appointment to Lecturer

C. Tenure-Track Faculty

D. Teaching

  • Faculty Office Hours
  • ADE Statement of Good Practice: Teaching, Evaluation, and  Scholarship
  • Teaching Evaluation Guidelines for Full- and Part-Time Instructors and Visiting Assistant Professors

E. Annual Reports and Evaluations

  • Annual Report Form

F. Travel Policies

G. Other Professional Development Policies

III. Curriculum

A. First Year Mathematics Program

  • First Year

B. Scheduling

C. Approved Syllabi and Course Policies

  • Approved Mathematics Syllabi and Policies
  • Approved Undergraduate Syllabi and Course Policies
  • Approved Graduate Syllabi and Course Policies

D. Course Assignment Policies

  • Criteria for the Assignment of Upper-Division and Graduate Courses in Mathematics
  • Criteria for Assignment of Summer Courses

IV. Related Faculty Policies and Resources

  • USG Information for Faculty and Staff
  • USG Regents Academic Advisory Committee on Mathematics
  • USG Academic Affairs