COSM Strategic Plan
2018 - 2020

Mission Statement:

"The College of Science & Mathematics prepares students for successful careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and engages all students to become well-informed citizens.  The college supports the research and professional development of our faculty and fosters a student-centered atmosphere of academic excellence.  We make a direct and positive impact in the West Georgia region and beyond through STEM workforce developement, community engagement, and public outreach."

Vision Statement:

"The College of Science and Mathematics aspires to be nationally recognized for its STEM programs that promote student success through high-impact practices and to enhance opportunities for faculty scholarship and professional growth."


  • Support innovative, high-impact pedagogical practices
  • Increase RPG
  • Support and recognize scholarship, research and creative activities
  • Improve faculty and staff work-life balance
  • Create COSM policies
  • Improve COSM infrastructure
  • Increase external visibility of COSM