The College of Science and Mathematics fosters an academic atmosphere conducive to learning, research and scholarship. The college is dedicated to an academic curriculum that supports majors and non-majors in becoming successful professionals and well-informed citizens.

In support of its mission, the College of Science and Mathematics is committed to:

  • An inclusive environment that fosters a lifetime of critical thinking, learning, and inquiry;
  • Exceptional classroom teaching by outstanding faculty;
  • Nationally competitive undergraduate programs that meet the evolving needs of its students;
  • Excellent student-oriented graduate programs;
  • Educating inspiring science and mathematics teachers;
  • Undergraduate research aimed at preparing students for graduate and professional schools, and for an increasingly competitive global jobs market;
  • Innovative research and external funding;
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration;
  • Excellent staff, facilities, and technology;
  • Effective community outreach.