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  • Scantron Procedures

    ITS is no longer responsible to scan course exams and student course evaluations.  These responsibilities have been shifted to Academic Affairs and college offices have been asked to assist with the transition and serve as the point of contact.  The "old" scanner (formerly housed in Cobb Hall) has been relocated in Strozier Hall (Testing Center; Room 119) and new scanners were purchased by the Office of the Provost and placed in the COSM Office (TLC 3rd Floor) until a more permanent location for it is identified.  Both scanners will be available during standard business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm). 

    All scanning is handled at the departmental level.
    Use of the Strozier machine needs to be scheduled in advance according to the Academic Testing Services policy (see below).
    Shana Kinnard (Dean's Office-x95190) will be the point of contact for any questions about training (both machines) and for any maintenance/access issues.
    Instructions to operate the scanners and to generate reports are posted with the scanners. 
    For AY 18-19, both machines can be used for exam scanning.
    Please note that neither site will store/provide scantrons. 

    To schedule a time for the TLC-Dean's Office scanner, use the following link:
    This will ensure better utilization of your time and ours.

    Course Exam Scanning:

    As in the past, key sheets were the responsibility of the departments.
    The red/pink forms must be scanned using the "old" ITS scanner housed in Strozier Hall, and the bookstore will continue to stock the red/pink forms for the upcoming academic year (AY18-19).
    The TLC scanner will only take the following two forms:
    Smaller Green Form No. SC882-E-Lovas (2-sided 100 questions)--similar to the small red/pink form 22962. This form will not generate student ID on report.
    Larger Blue Form No. SC984-E (2-sided; 200 questions)--similar to the large red/pink form 229633.
    You will need to bring a USB drive to save the results.

    Student Course Evaluations:

    Student Course Evaluations must be scanned using the Strozier scanner (housed in Strozier Hall, Room 119).   

    Academic Testing Services Policy
    Strozier Hall 110, Main Office
    Strozier Hall 119, Scanning Location 

    Scanning Policies and Procedures:

    In efforts to maintain our quality testing standards, ATS will provide a schedule of dates/times for scanning that does not coincide with our master testing schedule. When arriving at ATS, you can direct yourself to Room 119 (down the hall to the left). Please keep the door closed while scanning to help reduce the noise level. While we will not be doing major testing during these scheduled times, we will likely still be testing individuals (i.e. students with accommodations or distance learning students). Please be mindful of this testing as you are moving through the center. 

    Selecting a scanning date/time: Please use this link to sign up for scanning evaluations and exams: 

    This schedule is being provided as an organizational tool for scanning sign-up and to maximize efficiency. Please include your name and department on the day and start time of your choice. If you think you will require more scanning time than the 30 minute block, please add your name to consecutive blocks. Be sure to sign up for a scheduled time prior to arrival at ATS. 

    If you are unable to find a time that works for you or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the scanning schedule, please contact: 

    Megan Haralson
    Strozier Hall 110

    Instructions on using the scanner are located in the room with the scanner. If you have questions regarding instructions for using the scanner, please contact: 

    ITS Service Desk

    The ATS scanner will only scan Exam System II forms 229629 and 229633. COSM and COAH have scanners in the TLC  that can scan form number 882-E-LOVAS. 

    Academic Testing Services
    110 Strozier Hall

    For thorough directions for using both machines, see the links below:

    Using the Scantron Score Machine (Blue and Green Forms)

    Using the Scantron Op Scan 6 Machine (Pink Forms)