Bike West

As part of its current strategic plan, the University of West Georgia has committed to developing sustainable modes of transportation for those who live, work, and learn on our campus. Our objective is to decrease single-occupant vehicle use by promoting alternate modes of transportation - walking, bicycling, and public transit. Under President Marrero's leadership, Campus Planning and Facilities has actively partnered with Parking and Transportation Services, community stakeholders, and design partners to develop safe and efficient infrastructure for biking on campus.

  • Bike Safety and Rules of the Road
    Bike Use Policies: 

    1. Always use a bike lane. These lanes are specifically designed for bike riders to stay a safe distance away from motor vehicles. These lanes are identified with a bike symbol. 

    2. Be aware of your surroundings. If a bike lane is not available for your use, make sure that you are cautious. If a bike line is available for your use, follow the arrows and travel in the same direction as the motor vehicle traffic. Regardless of whether or not you are in a lane, watch for turning vehicles. Although you may see them, they may not see you.

    3. This rule pertains to people that are operating motor vehicles and not bicycles. If you see a bicycle on the road, use caution when you approach them. Allow three feet of room between you and the bike. Always yield to bike traffic and look for bikes before you make a turn. Never drive or park in bicycle lanes.

    4. When riding a bicycle, try to avoid using sidewalks. They are actually more dangerous than riding in roads. This is due to the fact that sidewalks have more hidden driveways, surface irregularities, and intersections than roads do. 

    Biking FAQ's:

    Do I ride with or against car traffic?
    Cyclists must always ride in the same direction as traffic. When riding against traffic, cyclists cannot see traffic signals and signs, and are unpredictable and less visible to drivers. Cyclists are much safer when riding with the direction of automobile traffic.

    Where am I supposed to ride on the road?
    Generally, a bike is supposed to be driven like a car: in the road, in the right‐most lane that takes you to your destination, and as far to the right in that lane as "practicable." The law requires that a rider should ride nearest the right‐most side of a lane—but how far to the right may depend on other conditions.

    Can I ride on a sidewalk?
    Generally, you should not ride on the sidewalk. Sidewalks are surprisingly dangerous places to ride, as they have more hidden driveways, intersections, and
    surface irregularities than roads. To make matters complicated, there is no statewide law prohibiting sidewalk riding.

    General Bike Rules: 

    1. Bicycles are defined as vehicles in the state of Georgia, with the same rights and responsibilities on public roads as motor vehicle

    2. UWG encourages all UWG students, faculty, and staff bike riders on campus to register their bikes with UWG Parking and Transportation.

    3. Any bicycle that is found on campus and determined to be abandoned will be removed. If the bicycle is registered, UWG Parking and
    Transportation will put forth reasonable efforts to find/contact the owner.

    4. When parking on campus, bicycles should be locked to a “Bike Rack.” Bicycles are prohibited from being locked to handrails or other
    fixtures on campus.

    5. When locking your bike to a Bike Rack, UWG encourages cyclists to always use a high quality “U” shaped lock; avoid using lightweight
    cables, chains, or ties.

    6. Attach bicycles to bike racks through the frame and at least one wheel.

    7. Do not leave any free or easily detachable items on bikes.

    8. Bicycles are prohibited from the inside of UWG facilities or on UWG fields.

    Pavement Markings:

    When biking, it is important to know what the pavement markings might be telling you. Check the infographic below to learn more about the different types of pavement markings that you may encounter!

    pavement markings

  • Bike Amenities
    Bicycle Facilites Maps:

    Below is a map that will help you navigate your bike across campus. The map includes bike lines, the locations of parking areas for your bike, and the location of student residences. 

    bike facilities 
    Zagster Bike Share: 

    Recently, Carrollton partnered up with Zagster Inc. to start a bike sharing program. You may have noticed some of the new biking stations around campus. Students have the option of paying per ride, with the first hour being free and paying $3 for every additional hour you have a bike checked out. Students also have the option to join the program and pay for monthly or yearly passes. To ride one of the bikes, all you need is the Zagster Mobile App, which you can download onto your phone. This app will allow you to find available bikes to ride. You can also find out where available bikes are on On the bike you choose, there will be a one of a kind number that you must enter into the app. The app will then give you a code that you can use to unlock the lock box with a key. Because of the lock and included key, you don't have to plan your trip around where the stations are located. The on-bike lock will allow you to secure your bike wherever you go so you don't have to worry about anyone taking it. You can go wherever you need to go locally, and because the bikes have baskets on them, you only have to take one trip. When you are finished with your bike, all you have to do is return it to a Zagster station (any station is fine) and your rental will end. “This bike-share program is a tremendous tool toward promoting active lifestyles in our community, so we’re pleased to partner with Zagster and these great local organizations to improve the quality of life for all our residents,” says Community Development Director, Erica Studdard. So get on out there and smell the roses. 

    Outdoor Club: 

    The Outdoor Club at West Georgia is always looking to provide outdoor opportunities for the students. If you are interested in biking opportunities, make sure to check with the club for available trips. They also offer rentals for students out of the Outdoor Recreation Center. This can be found on the second floor of the Campus Center (in the back gym). For only $5 a day, students can rent a helmet, a bike, and a lock. For more information on other available rentals, make sure to check out the Outdoor Recreation Center at 678-839-5359, or email them at

  • Bike West Initiative

    UWG has been working towards a more bike friendly campus, and as part of that new additions are being made. A 1.25 mile bicycle track and Greenbelt connector around the perimeter of West Georgia Drive have been added. The Greenbelt connector will connect the path to not only the Greenbelt, but also downtown Carrollton. In the future, an additional 0.5 mile Greenbelt spur will connect Watson Hall to the east entrance of West Georgia Drive. 


  • More Info
    Anti-Theft Tips:

    Bicycle theft is a common crime on university campuses and is preventable by following the precautions identified below:

    1. Record the make, model, and serial number of your bicycle and store this information in a safe place. This will allow for better retrieval in the event that the bike is stolen.

    2. Lock your bike to a bike rack. There are numerous racks located across campus in highly visible, well-lit areas to discourage theft. The locations are identified on the Bike Parking Map. (

    3. Avoid locking only one wheel to the bike rack, especially if the wheel is quick release as the bike and the remaining wheel can be removed from the locked wheel and stolen.

    4. If you do have quick release wheels, take off the front wheel and lock it with the back wheel and frame to the rack. Secure your bike to the rack with a hardened steel “U” lock. Make sure the U-lock goes through the bike frame, one wheel, and the rack.

    5. Do not leave your bike parked in the same place for a long period of time.

    6.  Report stolen bikes immediately to University Police. The quicker they are informed, the more likely you are to recover your bike.

    7. Avoid blocking ramps, doors, and handicap areas with your bike

    8. Secure your bicycle to the bicycle racks with a quality hardened steel “U” type lock. Always lock your bicycle with the U-lock by putting it through the bike’s frame, a wheel, and the rack. This is especially important if your bicycle has quick-release tires.

    9. Place the lock on your bicycle with the key mechanism facing the ground. This will make it less likely for the mechanism to fail as a result of exposure to the weather and harder for a thief to tamper with.

    10. Avoid using cables, locking your bicycle to itself, or leaving it parked in the same place for a long period of time.

    11. Avoid putting a U-lock through only one wheel. The wheel can be removed. Then the frame and the remaining wheel can easily be stolen.

    12. If you have quick-release wheels, remove the front wheel and place it next to the rear wheel. Then put the U-lock through both wheels, the frame and the bicycle rack.

    13. Park and lock your bicycle in well-lit areas.

    14. If your bike is stolen, report it immediately. The more quickly the police are notified of a crime the more quickly you may get your bicycle back!

    15. Report any suspicious activities around bicycle racks. 

    Parking and Transportation: 

    For more information on parking or transportation services, check out the website below.

    UWG Bike Program Committee: 

    Stay tuned for more detailed contact information!