A great way to further sustainability on campus is through student engagement via club activities. "Eco-Leaders" is currently the main student club with an environmental focus. Follow them on facebook HERE.

There are also several discipline specific organizations, like Tri Beta Biological Honors Society, the American Chemical Society Club, and the Geosciences Club, which have also long pursued activities focused on environmental stewardship. Many other service oriented clubs, as well as fraternities and sororities, have stepped up to the plate to take part in environmentally centered events, including clean-ups and recycling.

The Center for Sustainability applauds such activity and seeks to be as facilitative as possible to see such organizations thrive. 

Students make up the backbone of the university and without their vision and involvement the university’s sustainability goals will surely be stymied. In recognition of this fact, the Center seeks to establish a yearly environmental meet for students and clubs interested in taking the lead to create a more sustainable future. The Center is also looking to create a “Green Team” of student volunteers that can be called up when needed to engage in sustainability activities.  


There are many activities and events at UWG that pertain to sustainability, including working in the community garden, large recycling drives and clean ups, green guest lectures, and film screenings.

Generally, these will be organized by different organizations and departments throughout the year, but the Center’s upcoming events page should keep you posted on relevant activities and events.

The Center also aims to make UWG Earth Week a regular fixture every year. Earth Week takes place in the first half of April and consists of several events on campus as well as a UWG outreach sustainability expo in downtown Carrollton.