center-for-sustainability-logoWelcome to the Center for Sustainability at UWG (CSUWG). The Center was created in 2014 as an extension of the Sustainability Council; its mission is to promote sustainability initiatives on campus and the community with a longer term vision of making UWG one of the most recognized sustainable campuses in Georgia.

Currently the Center's mission and vision are being pursued by the Sustainability Council and the Director of Sustainabilty at UWG. This website is the virtual home of the Center; it aims to be a go-to site for all things related to sustainability on campus. We hope you find it useful.

sust                                          Check out our sustainability guide for more information on how to go green on campus. 










Contact Us

Hannes Gerhardt
Director of Sustainability
(678) 834-4064

What's New?

Recyclemania- Get Caught Green Handed

It's time for Recyclemania! This year we are having a contest to shake things up a bit. To participate in Get Caught Going Green Handed, post a picture of you recycling or being green to Instagram, and use the hashtag #UWGRecyclemania. Make sure to tag our Instagram page so that we see it. At the end of the event, we will select random participants to receive prizes. The contest will begin on March 5th and end on the 30th. Have fun being green!

Student Sustainability Research Award

researchThe Center for Sustainability is proud to offer the Student Sustainability Research Award. Two $350 awards are available. This yearly competitive award is offered to students who 1) have engaged in a sustainability themed research project within the current fiscal year 2) who will have presented their findings to an audience beyond the classroom before the end of the fiscal year (June 30th). To apply the student needs to submit an application that includes the following: Name, status, major of student, a brief description of the research project, which includes the question addressed, results, and how it relates to sustainability (max one page), a description of the event where the research has been or will be presented, and a faculty reference who is most closely associated with the project and presentation. The applications are due by March 15th and will be reviewed by the Sustainability Council. They may be submitted as a word or pdf attachment in an email to Hannes Gerharsdt (hgerhard@westga), with the heading “Award Application”. Good luck!

Check our new Sustainability Guide for students, staff, and faculty.

You can learn all about the sustainability initiatives at UWG and ways of going green while you go west! Click on the link above to go to the full guide" 

Click HERE to read the newest edition of the Sustainability Bulletin.  


Ride your bike to campus?

Here at UWG, we are trying to become a certified bike friendly campus. Check out our new " Bike West" page to learn how to safely ride your bike around campus, find out where you can park your bike while you are in class, and see how you can get to class faster with our trail maps.