To understand who we are, what we do, and how to get involved, it is first helpful to be clear on what sustainability is. 

In simple terms, sustainability is about improving the quality of human life while maintaining a positive relationship with the natural and social systems that support us. Inherent in this definition is a sense that current generations must not undermine the opportunities of future generations to also have a good life.graph

The University of West Georgia defines its core value of sustainability as follows: the value of sustainability is evident in our obligation to maintaining ecological balance in our planning and operations that make possible for future generations the same or better quality of opportunities for success available to present employees and students.

It helps to see sustainability as a harmonious merging of sound economic, social, and environmental practices. Sustainable practice thus pertains 1) to using resources in a responsible way in order to meet the economic needs of present and future generations, 2) ensuring that our labor and wealth benefits the health, wellbeing, and long term viability of our communities, and 3) safeguarding the continuous integrity of the natural systems that sustain us and many other living beings.