Mission Statement

The Anthropology Department is committed to high quality instruction, research, and service activities that are exemplary contributions to the Vision and Mission of the University  of West Georgia.  The Anthropology Department embraces academic freedom in the conduct of its faculty, as well as the philosophy and objectives of liberal arts education through its contributions to general education and the core curriculum.  The Department aims to provide its undergraduate anthropology majors with a comprehensive introduction to anthropological knowledge through classroom instruction, experiential learning, and directed research opportunities.  We also strive to enhance student life by providing extra curriculum learning experiences.  We are committed to providing learning skills necessary for continued success in academic and workplace environments, as well as for personal and civic enrichment.  The Anthropology faculty is committed to instructional excellence, continuing professional development, scholarly contributions to their areas of professional expertise, and service to the institution and civic community.

Degree Requirements

To view the degree requirements for receiving a B.S. in Anthropology or to minor in Anthropology, you can download them by clicking HERE.

To view our two-year plan for completion of the Anthropology program, please click HERE.

Anthropology Program Objectives

Goal 1:  Provide instruction in anthropology that contributes to general education and a strong liberal arts core curriculum and increases students’ global awareness.

Goal 2:  Provide a curriculum for anthropology majors that emphasizes rigor across subdisciplines, promotes experiential learning, and prepares undergraduate students to be productive members of society, strong candidates for graduate programs, and successful candidates for entry in a wide variety of employment fields.

Goal 3:  Encourage and participate in original anthropological research and other professional activities that enhance instruction and advance knowledge through sponsored projects, interdisciplinary activities, consulting, and publication.

Goal 4:  Engage in technical, professional, and scholarly services through collaboration with other departments, institutions, agencies, and enterprises to serve regional needs through the application of anthropological knowledge in an effort to spare unnecessary costs, increase effectiveness, and advance the welfare of the people of Georgia.

Goal 5:  Enrich the quality of student life through extracurricular anthropological activities that support and complement the academic program.

(Amended 9-07)

Anthropology Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing the B.S. degree with a major in Anthropology should be able:

  1. demonstrate a broad base of anthropological knowledge
  2. compare the diversity of cultural practices through time and space
  3. analyze anthropological topics through oral and written communication
  4. collect and assess data using anthropological methods

Majoring in Anthropology at the University of West Georgia

Special Opportunities for the Anthropology Majors at the University of West Georgia:

  • Develop exceptional problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Seminar style instruction in small classes taught by highly skilled faculty.
  • Discover and explore cultural diversity, locally and globally.
  • Learn about human origins and cultural evolution.
  • Participate in Archaeology, Ethnography, and Physical Anthropology field schools.
  • Carry out original research projects under faculty supervision.
  • Apply for our prestigious Waring Scholarships.
  • Assist with projects at the Waring Archaeological Laboratory.
  • Attend special lectures and meet prominent Anthropologists from across the world.
  • Join the West Georgia Anthropology Society and enjoy social events as well as educational field trips.
  • Prepare to enter the work force after graduation or go to graduate school.

Anthropology is a classic example of an undergraduate liberal arts major, combining fascinating coursework and practical career training in one academic package. More than 300 colleges and universities in the U.S., including the University of West Georgia, offer a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. Anthropology students are encouraged to see the world holistically, as the sum of its biological, social, and cultural parts. Holism – an eye toward the all-encompassing “Big Picture” –is what distinguishes anthropology from more technical and specialized fields that view the world through much narrower lens.