Waring Merit Scholarship in Anthropology

Waring LogoThe Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Endowment in Anthropology was established in the late 90s by Miss Henrietta Waring in memory of her husband, Dr. Antonio J. Waring, Jr., who was one of the pioneers of Anthropology in Georgia.  Dr. Waring was a pediatrician in Savannah, whose lifelong passion was Anthropology.  He had interests and participated in archaeological research and excavations across the southeastern United States.  It was his bequest that the Endowment monies be used to raise awareness and appreciation for the study of what it means to be human.  The UWG Anthropology Department is deeply honored to use these monies to support students whose work in years ahead will continue this mission.

In accordance with the primary mission of the fund, the Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Scholarship Endowment awards the Waring Merit Scholarship in Anthropology to Anthropology majors at UWG on a yearly base.  The awards offset the cost of education for students, taking into account the costs of tuition, fees, books, and room and board.  Successful candidates will receive two separate $1500 payments, one in the Fall following the semester of their application and one in the Spring of the following year ($3000 total).

Who is eligible:
1. Graduating highschool seniors who will attend UWG and major in Anthropology
2. Newly declared Anthropology majors at UWG
3. Current Anthropology majors at UWG
4. Transfer students who major in Anthropology at UWG
How to apply:

IMPORTANT: There are two steps required in the application process:

1. Submit an application through the UWG scholarship portal, in which you are required to indicate your interest in the Waring Merit Scholarship in Anthropology. Link to the UWG Scholarship Portal.
2. Fill out the form below. 

Before you start, make yourself familiar with the follwing essay guidelines.  Essays need to be typed, double-spaced, 750-1000 words and formally structured to include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

  • New Scholarship Applicants (graduating Highschool seniors and first-year majors): "Why I chose to major in Anthropology". 
  • Returning Scholarship Applicants: Describe a current environmental and/or social issue and analyze it using a global cross-cultural and/or biocultural approach. In addition to above mentioned formal requirements, cite at least two anthropologists whose work has particularly influenced your thinking on the subject, using the AAA citation guidelines. Link to AAA citation guidelines.
When to apply:

The deadline for Waring Merit Scholarships in Anthropology is March 1st @ midnight.

How recipients are selected:
Applicants will be evaluated on the following attributes:
1. Quality of their essay
2. Current GPA 
3. Current performance in Anthropology courses 
4. Engagement in anthropology-related extracurricular activities

 NOTE: Awards are additional to any other grants or aid the student may receive.  Disbursement of both scholarship payments depend on: a. Being a declared Major in Anthropology at the University of West Georgia.  b. Enrolling in and successfully completing 12 semester hours of full-time coursework and at least one Anthropology course during each semester of the award.  The recipients of scholarships are determined by the UWG Anthropology faculty based upon consideration of academic achievement and potential for scholarly growth.  Scholarships are competitive in nature.  Guidelines for scholarship awards and the qualifications of the students to whom the awards are made are established by the faculty and may be amended from time to time.  Meeting the requirements does not guarantee that a student will receive the award.  


Waring Merit Scholarship

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Have you officially declared your major in Anthropology at UWG?
Have you officially declared your major in Anthropology at UWG?
Have you officially declared your minor at UWG?
Have you officially declared your minor at UWG?
Are you in your first year as a major in Anthropology?
Are you in your first year as a major in Anthropology?
Are you a repeat applicant?
Are you a repeat applicant?