Since 2010 the Department of Anthropology awards the Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Research Scholarship. This award is designed to support original student research in Anthropology and has as its goal the presentation of student research findings publicly and professionally.

The Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Scholarship Fund requests applications for the Waring Research Scholarship once a year.  The award is designed to support original student research in Anthropology and has as its goal the presentation of student research findings publicly and professionally.  This Fall-Spring semester award includes $1000 in scholarship, with $500 to be disbursed in Fall semester, and $500 in Spring semester, contingent on the receipt of a mid-term report before the end of February of the Spring term.  The mid-term report should include an overview of research undertaken and a draft of a public presentation.  In addition, the award supports up to $600 in research-related costs, to be reimbursed to the student based on receipts.  The funds must be spent and receipts received by the end of the Spring semester.  Once the funds are disbursed and the public presentations are completed, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion.  This award may be received in addition to an Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Anthropology Endowment Scholarship and a Waring Student Travel Award. 

Application Requirements Waring Research Scholarship:
NOTE: Applications for Research Scholarships must be signed by you and your supervising professor on the following forms: budget sheetcover page.

Research Proposals must include the follwing labelled sections:

1. Abstract: A brief (150-250 words) description of your project on your cover page.

2. Project Description: Describe your research topic, questions, and objectives (3-5 pages). Please state your hypotheses, if relevant. What will be the focus of your research? NOTE: A research project involving living people requires CITI ethics training and IRB approval to be completed before the disbursement of funds.

3. Annotated Bibliography: What existing anthropological literature will your research engage with and build on? Please include at least 3 references and describe their relevance to your project.

4. Methods: There are two parts: 1. What information will you need to gather to address your research questions? 2. How will you gather this information? What methods will you use?

5. Your training and background: What experiences do you have that prepare you to undertake this research, including classes taken, previous research (if so, list funding received, if any), extracurricular experiences, etc.?

6. Product: You will propose research products to include e.g. a public talk for faculty and students in the Anthropology Department, a professional presentation, which could consist of a public oral or poster presentation (such as at Research Day or a professional conference), or the submission of a manuscript for publication.  Please specify the venues you plan to present in (Note: you do not have to commit to anything, but provide realistic suggestions).  As part of your final product, you will need to turn in a hard copy of the text of your presentation (not just PowerPoint slides). 

7. Budget: You may be awarded up to $600 in reimbursement for research expenses, for which you will provide a budget. Acceptable expenses include, for example, travel for research, travel to conferences, supplies, equipment, software, postage, printing, registration for conferences, books (up to $200 total for books).

Deadline for applications: October 1st by 5:00PM.