The Data Analysis and Visualization Lab is housed in the College of Social Sciences at the University of West Georgia. The lab provides a wide range of data analysis services to assist with any stage of the analysis process.

Services Offered:

   Data Analysis

   Program Evaluation and Assessment

   Data Consultation

   Data Preparation and Cleaning

   Market Analysis

   GIS Mapping and Analysis

   Data Visualization

   Report Preparation



We are capable of estimating a wide range of statistical models to meet your analysis needs and we can produce a variety of visualizations to help you understand and explain your data

We can provide a project consultation and free cost estimate for our services.



The Data Analysis and Visualization Lab has a wide range of hardware, software, and visualization tools to meet your project goals.

We are located in Pafford 310-A on the University of West Georgia campus.


Contact us at:

(678) 839-5174


Lab Director

Dr. Winston Tripp