The College of Social Sciences offers five graduate degrees and four graduate certificates. Graduate education prepares students for advanced study, research and application of skills in the social sciences.

Admission and degree requirements vary for each program.  Current application deadlines can be found online at Graduate Studies

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Doctoral Degree Program

Psychology studentsPhD Psychology: Consciousness and Society

The Ph.D. program in Psychology is focused on the study of consciousness and society. It is grounded in the department’s approach to psychology as a distinctively human science. It will educate future scholars and practitioners at the highest level of the discipline to make original contributions to theory and knowledge. Our graduates will serve as researchers, consultants, leaders and teachers who can creatively facilitate transformations in global society.

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Masters Degree Programs

Criminology studentMaster of Arts in Criminology

The M.A. program in Criminology is the only master’s program of its kind in the state of Georgia. It is designed to provide the background necessary for criminal justice practice and/or to prepare student for doctoral study and work in academic settings. The criminal justice administration track addresses issues of crime and criminal justice within a framework that emphasizes theory and research and their implications for criminal justice policy and practice. The crime and social justice track trains students in understanding and applying theory and research in academic settings. Both curricula are grounded in the social, behavioral and natural sciences.

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Psychology studentsMaster of Arts in Psychology

The M.A. program in Psychology is unique in that its theoretical roots are in humanistic, transpersonal, and critical psychology. Humanistic psychology affirms the centrality of human subjective experience, holistic approaches to psychological understanding, human growth and development, and the enhancement of human potential. Transpersonal psychology emphasizes spiritual, mystical, and parapsychological experiences. Critical psychology examines the historical, cultural, and linguistic origin of psychological concepts and diagnostic categories. These different vantage points create a dynamic atmosphere to explore, analyze, and experience themes such as self-understanding, empathy, transcendence, transformation, holistic health, the meaning of genuine community, and social justice.

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Sociology professorMaster of Arts in Sociology

The M.A. program in Sociology prepares students for advanced graduate studies in the social sciences and for professional careers in a variety of settings including federal, state and local government agencies; not-for-profit organizations; community service groups; market research firms; and social service organizations. Coursework incorporates classical and contemporary theoretical perspectives, analysis of cutting edge empirical research, and training in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Students can specialize in community development, social inequality, social psychology, health, housing, environment, comparative sociology and social movements.

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Public AdministratorMaster of Public Administration

The M.P.A. program is designed for individuals who are either now in the public service or seeking a career in government or nonprofit agencies. The curriculum is designed to augment the skills and knowledge of those already in the public service; to provide a professional graduate degree program to meet the growing need for additional skilled, knowledgeable public administrators; to encourage students to pursue careers in government by providing public administration education; and to equip superior students for research and study at the doctoral level.

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For more information about graduate studies in the College of Social Sciences, contact Trish Wells.

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