Chester Gibson, Ph.D. was the Chair of the Department of Mass Communications and Theatre Arts for many years. He was the guiding force behind the University of West Georgia’s nationally acclaimed debate team. Our annual contest was named in his honor and each year, the best and brightest COMM 1110 students compete for cash and prizes with their persuasive speeches.

The 2020 Gibson Public Speaking Contest

The Gibson Public Speaking Contest will be held in the fall. Check back then for more information. Please make plans to come out and support these very persuasive students. 

Previous Gibson Content winners:

  • Jim Martz, 2004  (Peggy Gauthier, Adviser)
  • Artisia Tinny, 2005 
  • Katherine England, 2006 
  • Cheryl Ann Frazier, 2007 
  • Jennifer Joiner, 2008 
  • Chelsie Wilson, 2009 (Bruce Daniel, Adviser)
  • Anthony Duffey 2010 (Gail Reid, Adviser)
  • Mandy Morris, 2011 (Gail Reid, Adviser)
  • Christina DeMartina, 2012 (Bruce Daniel, Adviser)
  • Daniel Garner, 2013 
  • Sydney Rae West, 2014 (Gail Reid, Adviser)
  • Tim Bergquist, 2015 (Bruce Daniel, Adviser)
  • Bode Brooks, Lucas Brock, & Andrea Daniel, 2016
  • Gershom Chan, 2017
  • Esteban Vallejo, 2018
  • Jessica Friedl, 2019