The WOLF Internet Radio brought WOLFStock back to campus this April for a successful night of “Peace, Music, and The WOLF.” The annual concert event gives exposure to local artists and bands.

“It’s a way to connect students and the community with local artists,” says The WOLF’s founder and professor of Mass Communications Dr. Brad Yates.

Inspired by “Waylin’s pub,” a popular radio show that plays live, local and independent music every Wednesday at 9 p.m., WOLFStock brought several area bands including Come Down Denver and Reign to UWG’s Love Valley this year.

WOLFStock celebrates The WOLF Internet Radio’s April 2010 founding. Like the radio station, the evening concert showcases a variety of musical genres and is free to the community.

“We would like WOLFStock to eventually lead into a summer concert series,” says The WOLF’s General Manager Shawn Isaacs. Corporate sponsors for WOLFStock have included Monster Energy Drinks, Vitamin Water, and Carrollton’s Creative Signs and Solutions.