Political science majors enjoy many career options. Contemporary government is now involved in a wide variety of concerns, including ecology, population control, poverty, war, etc. There is increasing potential for employment in government at all levels. Many graduates go on to high-level government careers by getting a master's degree in public administration. Others choose to qualify for a teaching certificate in secondary education. A large number of political science majors are law students. Many have been successful in the Georgia law schools, and several have completed degrees at out-of-state law schools. For those who want to go to graduate school, the department provides an excellent preparation with superior faculty, library resources, and computer facilities. Many of our majors go on to careers outside government in such areas as political campaign management, journalism, advertising, management, personnel, and sales.

While attending the University of West Georgia, political science students may take a semester of internship for academic credit. Each year, the department selects two students to work with the session of the General Assembly as Legislative Interns. Students can also apply for the Governor's Intern Program, which places them in state or local administrations for a semester. Some students have also been given college credit for summer work in Washington. These programs can represent a great opportunity to launch a career.

For more information regarding internship and job opportunities, please contact Dr. Robert Sanders, Internship Coordinator, and visit Career Services.