PhD Graduates Completed Dissertations 

If you are an alumnus of our doctoral program and do not see your title on the list, please contact and we will be sure to add you.

 Atlas, Nick: Lucid Dreaming and the Path to Freedom: A Transpersonal, Interpretative Phenomenological Inquiry

 Beck, Tim: Affecting Autism: From Diagnostic Representations to Aesthetic Traces

 Bell, Christopher:  Psychotherapeutic Subjectivities: A Thematic Analysis of Experiences of Change in Psychoanalysis / Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

 Beshara, Robert: The Ideology of (Counter)terrorism- Islamophobia/Islamophilia and the Ethico-Political Subjectivity of US Muslims: From Decolonial Psychoanalysis to Liberation Praxis 

 Boynton, Louis: A Retrospective Analysis of Flourishing and the Psychopolitical Validity of a Disaster Mental Health Intervention

 Chan-Frazier, Michael: My Story Matters: A Thematic Analysis of the Lives of Youth Who Are Identified as High-Risk in a Community-Based Developmental Mentoring Model

 Dhar, Ahyurdhi: Madness and Subjectivity: A Comparative Study of Insanity and the Subject in Modern West and Post-Colonial India

 Friedman, Emily: Internet Addiction and Network Production: Subjectivity in the Age of Digital Capitalism

 Garcia-Bohnet, Laura: Restoring Humanity: A Human-Centered Psychological Perspective on Restorative Justice

 Gibson, Jonathan: The Embodied Mind: An Exploratory Study on the Subjective, Developmental, and Outcome Effects of an Intervention Designed to Increase Interoceptive Awareness

 Gibson, Martha: On Becoming an Unfailed Poet: An Autoethnography of Embodied Transformative Events Expressed as Poetry: A Psychological Perspective

 Glazier, Jacob: An Arts of Existence in the Post-Media Era: A Theory of Subjectivation

 Grant, Amanda Sebastienne: Beyond Buffering: An Empirical Investigation of the Interconnective Self-Construal as a Mediator in Existential Death Anxiety

 Ibaoglu-Vaugn, Banu: Magic in the Circle: A Process Oriented Inquiry into Restorative Circles

 LaFleur, Richard: The Experiential Effects of Combat Zone Deployment on Veterans During The Reintegration Process

 Morris, Bethany: Borderline Women: Sexual Difference, Abjection and Liminal Spaces

 O’Gwin, Chase: The Horizons of Horror: An Empirical Psychoanalytic Investigation

 O’Keke, Kizito C.: Psychology of Authenticity: A Phenomenological Anastomosis of the Experience of a Transition to an Authentic Human Life

 Roberts, John: Trauma and the Ontology of the Modern Subject 

 Senecal, Gary: Meaningful Transitions--Violence, Solidarity, and Release in the Career Transitions of Male Contact Sports Athletes

 Skalski, John: Beyond Being Tolerant: The Phenomenology of Negative Tolerating and then Beholding and Embracing the Other

 Slattery, Eamon: Toward a Psychology of Policy-making: A Case-Study in Contextualized Analysis

 Steed, Kelly M. Bainbridge: Beyond the Boundaries of Self: An Intuitive Inquiry of Non-Pathological Dissociative Experiences

 Waweru, Pauline W: Intersectionality, Intersubjectivity and Interactional Agency: A Narrative Inquiry into Domestic Violence among Immigrant Women

 White, Sandra: Recovery from Trauma through Experiential Reframing: An Empirical Phenomenological Study

 Whitehead, Patrick: Merleau-Ponty, and the Phenomenological Psycho- physical Sub-objective Event of Experience

 Wright, Christina: An Investigation into the Social Psychological Structure of Clergy Attitudes Regarding Sexual Orientation

 Vivekanada, Ram:  The Function of Imagination in Mathematical Reasoning: An Exploratory Study