If  You Need Advisement:

  • You will need to Declare your Major using our online form. 
  • If you have already met with an adviser in Melson Hall (on Front Campus Dr.) then contact your advisor directly to schedule an appointment. 
  • If you cannot remember who your assigned adviser is, locate your adviser on your WolfWatch Account. If your adviser is not listed on your WolfWatch, please contact psyba@westga.edu for assistance.
  • If you have less than 60 completed credits contact the Advising Center to be advised. 
  • If you have more than 60 completed credits, but have NOT been advised in Melson before please fill out this form (Declare your Major)
  • Once you have filled out the major declaration form you will be contacted by the department. 

Important Things to Keep in Mind About Advisement

  • You need 120 hours to graduate, 39 of which need to be above the 3000 level
  • You need to declare Psychology as your major by filling out the major declaration form online       
  • The very latest you can declare Psychology your major is the semester prior to the semester you graduate
  • You cannot use the same course to count in more than one category
  • Meet regularly with your advisor, and talk about your career rather than just the courses you need for next semester
  • If you are interested in Graduate School or internships, talk to your advisor early rather than waiting until your senior year
  • You must apply for graduation by logging on to MyUWG, clicking on the Banweb tab, selecting the "Student Services & Financial Aid" link, and then, clicking on the "Graduation Application" option