The Department of Psychology at the University of West Georgia is unique in that our theoretical roots are in humanistic, transpersonal and critical psychology.

Our courses range from classically humanistic concerns - like the centrality of human subjective experience in psychology, holistic approaches to psychological understanding, human growth and development, and the enhancement of human potential - to contemporary attention to transpersonal and spiritual horizons. Themes such as the meaning of genuine community, sociality, understanding oneself and others, and the myriad ways through which we grow and develop are central to our academic learning environment.

Psychology Programs & Courses


  • Effective Fall 2016, the undergraduate B.A. degree will phase into a B.S. degree. For more information please click  here.
  • For the new B.S. degree program audit form click here.

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Department of Psychology
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Donadrian Rice, Ph.D.
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Melson Hall

The Jim Klee Forum

Mark you calendars for the 2017 Jim Klee Forum! 
In honor of the late Jim Klee and his contributions to the UWG Psychology Department, this event is hosted annually as “The Jim Klee Forum.” This year's presentation will be given by Drs. Lorraine Radtke and Hank Stam on “Talking Discourse & Humanisms: Identity and Thinking in New Contexts" and will take place at the University of West Georgia on Thursday 30th March at 7pm (in Kathy Cashen Hall in the Humanities building). Light refreshments will be provided at a reception, beginning at 6:30pm , prior to the presentation.
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