Welcome to the World of Psychology

Career opportunities in our unique field are rapidly expanding, growing in number and scope. Employers are expressly interested in the skills that psychology majors bring to the workplace such as: interpersonal awareness, problem solving, and proficiencies in research design.

Our department design courses to encourage students to explore and understand experience as a primary source of psychological data. To understand psychology effectively and help others, self-understanding is essential, and our approach prepares students for that reality.


Play and Perform to Make Your Day, Build a Community, and Create a Better World 

Holeman Visit

If ever there was a time that the world’s people needed new ways of seeing and being, it’s now. Living is precarious for vast numbers, a constant struggle for too many others, and frustratingly challenging for everyone else far more often than they’d like. Hear from developmental psychologist, play revolutionary and performance activist Lois Holzman how, where, and why play and performance generate social power for personal, community and global transformation. 

The Psychology Department, along with COSS and COE have the honor of hosting a public talk and workshop by Dr. Lois Holzman on Thursday September 6 and Friday September 7. Please join us for one or both events! Both events are free but we ask that you RSVP at: Google Docs

Lois Holzman lives her life as an activist who uses her academic background and experience to organize people—as individuals and communities—to participate in creating their development and in so doing, to create hope and new possibilities. This involves her in building partnerships that bring the best of grassroots practices into conversation with the most innovative of academic scholarship, and giving support to community educators and activists worldwide in their efforts to make the world more humane through a variety of international programs.