• When is the application deadline?

    For application deadline information click here.     

  • When do classes open for registration?

    It is important to register as soon as possible for required courses. Classes, and especially the required ones, do fill up. The department schedules a combination of day and evening classes to accommodate a variety of student schedules. However, some courses are not offered every semester so students must be vigilant about ensuring they enroll in the appropriate required courses as soon as possible, especially those seeking clinical licensure. It helps to become very familiar with one’s specific track within the program so required courses are completed in a timely manner and graduation is not delayed.

  • What are the minimum and maximum course loads?

    9 hours is considered full time and 5 hours is considered part time. The maximum load is 12 hours, without permission, and there may be other restrictions depending on a GRA position or other forms of financial aid/employment. More information can be found in the Graduate Catalog.

    What classes are most helpful/useful to take early on in my program?

    Two courses are required for the Master’s Program:

    • Foundations in Humanistic Psychology: PSYC 6000
    • Human Growth and Potential: PSYC 6010

    If you are uncertain of your direction, a class that could help you determine your path would be: PSYC 5085-02 Professional Orientation . This class provides you with information on the counseling perspective, work you can do with an MA in Psychology, as well as insight into the value of pursuing a doctoral degree.

  • Why don't I have an "advisor" and why should I have a peer mentor?

    Your first advisor will be the Chair of the Department. However, it is encouraged that you seek out a faculty member whose interests align with your own. Unofficial peer mentorship is encouraged as a way for incoming students to have their questions answered by those who are already in the program

  • Can I finish in five years or less going part-time?

    Graduate students must enroll in at least 5 credit hours per semester to be eligible for financial. Students must complete their degree within 6 years. While it is feasible to finish within 5 years, it is strongly recommended that you consider constraints such as time and money in planning your degree.

  • What is SPARC?

    SPARC is the Student Psychology Annual Research Conference. SPARC is a great opportunity for psychology students to present their current research and interests to the department in a non-competitive and collaborative environment. Local businesses donate food and often local musicians entertain guests.

  • What types of documents are required in the application process?

     Please see the Department’s Application and Admissions page.

  • Where can I park?

    Below are a couple of links that should be updated regularly and provide the best information for your parking needs as a visitor/prospective student as well as first time student once accepted. The Parking Zones map and Parking Code can be found on UWG's parking website.

  • What GPA and GRE scores are acceptable?

    GPA: 2.5 Cumulative Undergraduate (4.0)

    GRE: 146 Verbal, 140 Quantitative

    Admissions are not solely determined by standardized scores and grades - professional references, life experience, and the interview are weighed heavily in consideration for acceptance. For those who have taken the GRE prior to 2011 and wish to convert their scores to the current GRE scale, please see use this table.

  • What can I expect in a humanistic program?

    Our program, founded on a Humanistic framework, is non-traditional in many senses of the word. Our Department focuses on growth and development in the individual and community. This approach  allows the professors to teach courses they are most passionate about. Being self-motivated, expressive, and involved in the program are key aspects of being a part of the Psychology program.

  • What are some types of financial assistance that apply to the Master's students?

    There are various forms of loans, scholarships, as well as employment opportunities that can serve as financial assistance. Below are links that may prove useful:

  • Are scholarships available?

    There are several university scholarships that a Psychology Master's student may be eligible for as well as the Mike Arons scholarship within the department.

    More Information on the UWG Scholarships

  • Where and how do I apply for a GRA position?

    Most of the information can easily be found on the graduate section of the website, and the application deadlines occur toward the middle of the semester prior to the one for which the application is intended.

  • What are the three degree tracks?

    For information about different Master’s Degree courses of study, see the Department’s Choose Your Path page.

  • Can I take courses outside the Psychology Department?

    Those who will be writing a thesis may take up to 9 hours outside of the department. For those who are planning on not writing a thesis (45 total required hours), you may take up to 12 hours outside of the department. Special permission is necessary in order to take more than these. Please check with your advisor for more details.