When Are the Deadlines?

We admit students to begin the MA program both Fall and Spring semesters, with the deadlines for application being Nov. 1 (for the Fall) and April 1 (for the Spring). Students admitted for the Fall semester may begin classes in the summer should they choose.

What are the Application Guidelines?

A very helpful set of application guidelines is hosted here at the Graduate School website. Please review them thoroughly. Some highlights are:

  • There is an on-line application for admission.
  • You will need to arrange for official transcripts (from your undergraduate work or maybe graduate work elsewhere) to be sent to graduate@westga.edu. Our minimum undergraduate GPA requirement is 2.5, but of course many of our applicants have higher GPAs. 
  • You will need to take the General portion of the Graduate Record Examination (known as the GRE). You may find places and dates to take the GRE here. We do not require the Subject (Psychology) portion of the GRE. Our minimum GRE is 146 (Verbal) and 140 (Quantitative). 
  • You will also need to prepare a Statement of Interest. Check out these guidelines if you’d like. Most of our applicants prepare a statement of interest that emphasizes how their life experience, academic exposure, and vocational objectives have lead them to apply to our MA program. 
  • You will need to get three letters of recommendation. These will ideally be from people familiar with your character and work and life goals, and at least two should be from academic sources. Asking for these letters is an important part of your vocational and academic journey (see this summary for some guidelines about inviting those who recommend you). After getting permission to include their names, you will list them on your application and they will be sent instructions to upload their letters to your electronic file.

What's Next?

Following completion of your application, departmental faculty will meet to review your materials and evaluate the correspondence of your interests and background to what we offer here. We invite promising applicants to campus for a day-long interview: it’s an important choice, after all!


Thank you again for your interest, and we wish you well in your application decision.