Our B.S. program supports undergraduate students in gaining a well-rounded understanding of the field of psychology by coupling traditional psychology classes with human science approaches.  Honoring our roots in Humanistic Psychology, undergraduate students are encouraged to approach psychology in ways that can facilitate self-understanding alongside an understanding of others and society as a whole, in the service of personal and communal growth and development. Themes such as the meaning of genuine community, personal relationships, sociocultural influences on psychological life, explorations into creativity, understanding human suffering, and enhancing human potential are central to our academic learning environments.

What Can I Do With A Psychology Degree?


Students with a bachelor's degree in psychology may obtain work in local schools and hospitals, mental health clinics, community outreach programs and other human-services settings. Undergraduate psychology degrees are also relevant for fields such as marketing, advertising, and public relations. Psychology undergraduate students can prepare themselves for service in a wide range of professional careers, or consider applying to graduate school to achieve more specialized education in psychology towards clinical and/or academic careers. Students can receive additional support at UWG Career Services

Further Education

Our B.S. psychology program provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to learn about and experience graduate level courses, engage with graduate students in the department, and obtain advisement to apply to graduate school. 

Scholars' Day Undergraduate Research Conference

The Honors College and the Office of Undergraduate Research sponsor UWG Scholars' Day to recognize and celebrate all the wonderful academic work UWG students are doing. Undergraduate psychology students are encouraged to apply.


Student Organizations

The Psychology Student Association of University of West Georgia is an organization of students interested in the study of Psychology. We are a newly formed student organization, but we’ve got a lot of potential for aggressive expansion. The organization is not restricted to just Psychology majors and minors – all students at UWG are invited to participate. Find out more about the club and the Phi Sigma Pi!

Student Resources

Are you an undergraduate student looking for a course overload form, class waitlist link, major/minor declaration instructions, etc? Or a graduate student looking for an independent study form, Graduate Assistantship form, dissertation proposal or comprehensive exam forms, travel reimbursement forms for conferences, etc? Browse here for all the forms and links you need in one convenient place!