CSSD is located on the University of West Georgia campus in the Department of Sociology which is located in the Pafford Building, on the Second Floor, Room 202. The center is equipped with computers and monitoring equipment for conducting both networked and face to face interaction studies, audio and video recording equipment (including camcorders, cameras, and digital audio recorders), digital transcription machines, and both experiment protocol and qualitative data analysis software.

It is a shared space that facilitates independent and collaborative research of social science faculty and students. The facilities include equipment for gathering real time vocal and nonverbal data. We foresee some collaborators wishing to include instruments to collect physiological data as well. The lab will include a group interaction room, partitioned individual subject spaces, and a control room/observation room. There will be adjacent or separate rooms for storing unused equipment. The lab allows for the use of focus group, observational, experimental, and interviewing research that covers a wide range of topics. And, the center also maintains portable equipment for conducting field research outside of the laboratory.