An introduction to communication design with a strong emphasis on sound design and typographic principles, developing an understanding of structure, history, technology and application.

Lecture Hours: 0 Lab Hours: 6.00Total Hours: 3.00


  • Spring 2017
  • Fall 2016
  • Spring 2017 Semester
    Spring 2017 Semester
    Course Title Instructor Campus Section Syllabus
    Graphic Design IJoey HannafordCarrollton01No syllabus available
      • Course Title: Graphic Design I
      • Instructor: Joey Hannaford
      • Section: Section 01
      • Syllabus: No syllabus available
  • Fall 2016 Semester
    Fall 2016 Semester
    Course Title Instructor Section Syllabus
    Intro to Graphic DesignMyda Iamiceli01No syllabus available