This course will focus on a particular issue being dealt with by the criminal justice system today. Students will critically examine the issue and related research and theories. The social context of the issue will be explored as well as possible actions to address the problem. Course is repeatable for credit. Human trafficking is a complex, global phenomenon that has remained largely hidden and is, as a result, often misunderstood. This course will allow students to gain a better understanding of human trafficking, including current theory and research on the topic. This course will cover the extent and nature of the problem; including demand, prevalence, experiences of survivors, types of trafficking, and methods of traffickers. The coursewill also examine international, federal, and state legislation and other efforts to prevent and respond to trafficking victimization.

Lecture Hours: 3.00 Lab Hours: 0Total Hours: 3.00


Spring 2024 Semester
Course Title Instructor Campus Section Syllabus
Human Trafficking Sarah Hupp Williamson, Ph.D. Distance E01 external Syllabus via Concourse External Resource