This course is the second of a two-course certificate program designed specifically to provide students with a basic level of on-set film production skills, knowledge and experience with film-industry standard organizational structure, professional equipment and on-set procedures. The skills and knowledge gained in Course I will form a foundation for students to be able to perform at an entry-level on working productions. This course will focus on professional-level productions, on which students will have roles in on-set and pre-production crafts. Students will: 1.Demonstrate knowledge of on-set protocols and relationships. 2.Demonstrate basic abilities in multiple entry-level on-set jobs.* 3.Interpret and apply instructions from on-set supervisors. 4.Summarize the above experiences for purposes of self-marketing. *May include Camera, Lighting, Electrical, Security, Second Unit Director/Assistant Director, Art Department (Set Decorator/dressing, Production Design, Props), Set Construction, Makeup/Hair Department, Wardrobe Department, Sound Department, Post-Production (editing), Production Assistant, Locations, Script Supervisor (Continuity), Production Office, Production Accounting.

Lecture Hours: 3.00 Lab Hours: 3.00Total Hours: 6.00